Infrastructure and equipment for establishments open to the public, industrial sites, depots and car parks

The field of construction and enclosed spaces in general has become much more complex in recent years, particularly with regard to facilities and equipment, as well as personal safety. Risk is less and less tolerated, at both the individual and collective level, and the requirements in terms of operational safety, reliability and availability are now very high. Detailed mastery of risk analysis methods and numerous national and international standards, directives and regulations, along with extensive experience and in-depth technical knowledge of systems, are therefore essential qualities for any safety engineer.

GESTE's multidisciplinary team has these qualities. We act as a specialist in the field of equipment and safety for infrastructures open to the public. Our services range from designing equipment to safety studies, fire protection, smoke and evacuation simulations, thermal load calculations, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, as well as reliability analysis and technical equipment availability.

Our experience allows us to be involved throughout the project life cycle by ensuring systematic risk management and mitigation measures.

Domains of activities

  • Stations
  • Shopping/offices centres
  • Ice rink, stadium, theatre, etc
  • Industrial buildings and offices
  • Car parks
  • Depots

Core competencies


System Engineering

System engineering – Multidisciplinary projects – Interface management



Power supply – Low voltage – Cables – Earting



Electromechanical & industrial equipment – Safety equipment – Depot equipment – Platform Screen Doors


RAMS, Safety & Quality

RAMS – Risk analysis – Safety demonstration, safety case & reports – V&V – Quality


Ventilation & Flows

Ventilation – Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics & Climat – Simulations et tests – Fire – Pedestrian flows & Evacuation concept


Fire Safety

Safety and fire protection concepts – Fire safety – Fire resistance


  • Experience acquired internationally on numerous projects
  • Certified risk analysis and fire protection experts
  • Systematic and comprehensive risk management approach
  • Competence in different methods of proof
  • Research into innovative and efficient solutions, demonstrating compliance with normative requirements by applying the various methods of proof
  • Mastery of reliability and availability analysis for technical equipment
  • Mastery of the main fire and pedestrian flow simulation software

Latest References