Affiliations and Approvals

Collaborations, expertise

In addition to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and EcoEntreprise Excellence certifications, GESTE Engineering, or a number of its collaborators, is affiliated with several organisations/associations such as:


A Swiss umbrella association under private law, active both in Switzerland and abroad and bringing together over a hundred companies directly active in the rail sector.


UNIFE - European Rail Supply Industry Association

UNIFE (French: Union des Industries Ferroviaires Européennes, or "the Association of the European Rail Industry") is an association of Europe's rail supply companies active in the design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. UNIFE also brings together 15 national rail industry associations of European countries


UTP - Swiss Public Transport Union

An umbrella organisation of public transport companies and the transport industry and economy.



An association committed to efficient rail links in western Switzerland. Its attention is focused on international, national and inter-regional supply, both for passenger and goods traffic.


S-GE - Switzerland Global Enterprise

An association with the mission of supporting companies in new markets. S-GE, on behalf of the Confederation and the cantons, promotes exports and investments, helping its customers to exploit new international potential, thereby strengthening Switzerland's economic position.


SIA - Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects

Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, a leading professional association of construction, technical and environmental specialists.



A Swiss association bringing together fire protection specialists and experts active in French-speaking Switzerland.


SGK - Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection

Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection, which has substantial experience in the field with strengths including technical investigations, developing new methods and fundamental research.


CVCI - Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI)

An association providing support in managing employees' social security.


Thanks to our affiliation with these different organisations/associations and our active collaboration with:

  • railway and transport companies,
  • industries,
  • universities and polytechnics,
  • numerous engineering offices,
  • consulting firms and specialists,

we can rely on complementary networks and skills that support and strengthen our everyday work.

On top of this are recognitions of our expertise in the various urban and rail sectors.

OFT - Federal Office of Transport

Several employees are recognised as experts by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (OFT) to conduct conformity and safety assessments during railway authorisation procedures. This recognition falls within the framework of the Directive on Independent Railway Control Organisations (DIR. OCI-CF). The areas of expertise concerned are: construction techniques, electrical installations, safety techniques, tunnel safety and operation.



Several employees are recognised as Specialists or Experts in fire protection by the Swiss Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Establishments (AEAI), which defines legally binding prescriptions inducing fire safety standards in the world's tallest buildings. The requirements relate in particular to materials, load-bearing systems and fire compartments, escape and rescue routes, safety supplies, extinguishing devices, smoke and heat extraction installations, transport and thermal installations.



GESTE employees are EOQA (Approved Qualified Expert or Body) approved by the French STRMTG (Technical Service for Ski Lifts and Guided Transport) to conduct safety assessments of guided public transport systems subject to the provisions of Titles II, III, VI or VII of Decree No. 2017-440 of 30 March 2017.



Several GESTE employees are experts certified by the railway certification body CERTIFER.


SNV - Swiss Association for Standardization

The SNV is the Swiss representative of global and European standardization and act for the benefit of the economy and society in Switzerland. The CEO of GESTE Engineering is a member of SNV and participates in the modification, proofreading or writing of technical standards. In particular the CENELEC 50126 - 50128 - 50129 standards and those related to the Hyperloop system.


General Direction of Civil Security and Crisis Management

GESTE has been recognized by the French Republic as being competent to carry out smoke ventilation engineering activities. This is in application of the article DF4 of the safety regulation against the risks of fire and panic in the establishments receiving the public.


LITRA - Information service for public transport

The LITRA (=Swiss League for the rational organization of traffic) is an association which has been committed to public transport in Switzerland for more than 80 years. With more than 200 members, they promote the creation of general framework conditions favorable to public transport, an efficient and integrated Swiss transport system and an innovative transport economy.



GESTE has been approved by the French STRMTG (Service Technique des Remontées Mécaniques et des Transports Guidés) as an OQA STRA (Organisme Qualifié Agrée pour les Systèmes de Transport Routiers Automatisés) to carry out assessments of automated road transport systems, subject to the legislative requirement resulting in particular from Article L3151-1 of the French Transport Code.