Core competenciesFIRE SAFETY

Safety concept, warning, intervention and rescue, Fire safety, Fire resistance of materials


The fire safety of Public Reception Establishments – such as shopping centres, hospitals, car parks, stations, stadiums, etc. – is a fundamental element in designing or transforming these works, often carried out in a very constrained environment. In terms of Fire Safety Systems, each country has its own specific regulations, standards and prescriptions: for example, Switzerland has the fire protection prescriptions of the AEAI (Association of Cantonal Establishments of Fire Insurance); while France, among others, has the Order of 25 June 1980 on safety rules against fire and panic risks in establishments open to the public. Taking these regulations into consideration from the project's first phases can greatly contribute to reducing the cost of the work and promote architectural freedom.

GESTE, by following a global and systemic approach, brings all its experience in the safety of people and infrastructure, experience acquired on numerous construction projects, from the simplest – like a daycare – to the most complex – like a hospital or an underground train station with shops. Our qualified specialists and experts work through all the project's phases, from studies to commissioning. They have expertise in, among other things, safety studies, fire protection concepts as well as pedestrian flows, relying on risk analysis and evidence methods such as 3D smoke extraction simulations, evacuation simulations for people and structural calculations. In their projects, they integrate all construction, technical and organisational measures in order to offer the solutions best suited to the specifics of the structure.

Domains of activity

  • Railway and metro stations
  • Depots and halls
  • Car parks and garages
  • Skating rinks, stadiums, theatres and other high-capacity buildings
  • Shopping centres, offices, schools, nurseries and other buildings open to the public
  • Industrial buildings

Approvals and design

Supported by our approved specialists and experts, we provide quality assurance manager services at Level 1, 2 (specialist), 3 (expert) and 4 (expert with double checking).

In addition, we also provide engineering services for implementing the fire prevention and protection measures adopted, such as smoke ventilation or detection and extinguishing systems.



  • Fire hazard assessment
  • Risk analysis for people and property
  • Justification by calculating alternative protective measures such as
    • digital smoke extraction simulations (CFD)
    • fire resistance calculations for materials and structures
    • people evacuation simulations (according to ISO curve or real fire)
  • Fire prevention concepts with report and plans
  • Fire protection concepts and plans
  • Safety, warning, intervention and rescue concepts
  • Concepts of evacuating people and intervention by the emergency services
  • Optimisation of fire protection for buildings and structures



  • Assistance and advice to the client, the architect and their agents
  • Sizing, design, monitoring installation, testing and commissioning ventilation, protection, firefighting and rescue devices and equipment
  • Monitoring projects and sites up to reception of technical fire safety installations, including control system matrices and integral tests (with/without smoke tests).


For fire safety studies, we use the same software presented in the SAF and FLW sectors.