At the service of innovation, safety and sustainable mobility

Founded in 1999 as an EPFL start-up

GESTE was founded in 1999 as a start-up at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and a spin-off of the Swissmetro project. This pioneering research project, which is still inspiring various Hyperloop projects today, aimed to develop revolutionary magnetic levitation 'metros' powered by very high speed (> 600 km/h) linear motors (maglev) in tunnels under partial air vacuum (10 kPa).

Financially independent

GESTE Engineering SA is a public limited company with private capital. It was originally created by Michele Mossi, supported by 4 other colleagues who have since taken other paths. Mr Mossi, the current President and CEO, is also the majority shareholder, representing a guarantee of independence and commitment to employees' well-being and the company's success.

An international company, present in Switzerland, France and Belgium

GESTE has its headquarters in Renens, in the heart of the Parc du Simplon district. It is now present in Switzerland's three linguistic regions, in Bern and Bellinzona, and has subsidiaries in France and Belgium, in Paris, Lyon and Brussels respectively.

A world-class team and expertise for projects around the world

In these cities steeped in history, GESTE brings together the know-how and expertise of experienced engineers and technicians who have contributed and continue to contribute to the success of important projects around the world. They are personally committed to carrying out sustainable projects, following a systemic and global approach, based on innovative and optimised solutions, in order to respond effectively to our customers' high expectations.

GESTE, an acronym rich in meaning

The name GESTE – French for 'action, movement of the body' – is also an acronym for 'Groupe d’Étude de Systèmes de Transport dans leur Environnement' (Study Group of Transportation Systems within their Environment). It reflects our dynamism and our will to act and consider transport systems, whether for passengers or goods, as an integral or even constitutional element of the environment, where people and their well-being are central.

Associated with this name, our logo, designed to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary, expresses our everyday activities which consist of bringing together, linking, achieving objectives, ideas and individual solutions to consolidate an overall project that is systemic and effective.

A committed and EcoEntreprise Excellence certified company

GESTE is strongly committed to the well-being of its employees and the success of its clients' projects. As proof of this, it is EcoEntreprise Excellence certified, which attests to very high performance in the areas of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (based on ISO 26000).

GESTE is also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement in managing the quality and environmental performance of its activities and projects.

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