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Quality & Values


Our principles

Active both locally and on major international projects, GESTE Engineering is an engineering consultancy with offices in Switzerland, France and Belgium, applying cutting-edge technologies at the service of people, their mobility and safety, and the environment in which they live.

We recognize the impact of man on the climate and the environment.

Sustainable development, with its three complementary and inseparable pillars, is an integral part of GESTE Engineering's values, strategic and operational objectives, and is central to the concerns of all its employees:

  • the economic pillar - reflects the pursuit of profitability and economic efficiency - essential to improving quality of life and the redistribution of resources;
  • the social pillar - expresses the fact that all development must be based on human needs - necessary to meet an objective of social equity;
  • the environmental pillar - means that the aim of all development must be to preserve, improve and enhance the environment - essential for preserving resources and maintaining long term quality of life.

Our primary objective is to provide high-quality services to support and develop sustainable projects, and to do everything in our power to offer innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions to current and future challenges.

In this way, through our day-to-day actions, we make a sensible and global contribution to reducing ecological impact, while balancing economic and social development.

The company refrains from participating in any activities related to the design, development, production, and sale of weapons.

Our values – people-centred     

Passion and expertise

Since the creation of GESTE, we have been driven by the passion of our profession and supported by our expertise, which allows us to grow with confidence and pride, and to enthusiastically and successfully provide services valued by our customers.

Projects serving people, their mobility and their safety

We are committed to working on sustainable, ethically and financially acceptable projects at the service of people, their mobility, and their safety; projects that respect the environment and are adapted to needs, based on innovation to improve the links between people, transport and quality of life.

Human management of the company

We support human management and apply it to the company: 

  • we have a minimal hierarchy, accessible and attentive to all employees;

  • we inform our employees about the general course of business regularly, the prospects and the company's short and medium-term development;

  • we apply a flexible work schedule, adapted to each employee;

  • we allow telecommuting to better meet family needs;

  • we regularly organize team-building activities, to cultivate a family atmosphere and strengthen team spirit;

  • we provide modern and comfortable workspaces. The offices are also easily accessible by public transport, being close to railway stations.

An ethical commitment

Technical sciences, the field in which the Company operates, have an undeniable impact on man and his environment, and must remain at the service of human beings while pursuing two main goals: the acquisition of new knowledge and the valorisation of knowledge in judicious practical applications. The pursuit of these two objectives encompasses ethical aspects that the Company wishes to respect.

The Company's code of ethics is based on the need for ongoing assessment of the overall use of resources and weighing up the risks associated with the use of new techniques; it encourages progress and interdisciplinary dialogue, dialogue with the public, and the duty of truthfulness and honesty towards others and oneself.

Both the Company and its employees fully subscribe to this charter and to the ethical rules set out below.

In this way, the employee:

  • bears the ethical responsibility for their activity;

  • Considers their impact on sustainable development, attentive to their social, environmental and economic responsibilities;

  • assumes personal responsibility for respecting essential boundaries in their search for new knowledge;

  • contributes to the conservation of non-renewable resources and the reduction of factors bearing a negative environmental impact;

  • assesses and weighs up the benefits and risks of new technical knowledge in practical applications;

  • strives to put forwards innovations synonymous with progress for society, the environment and the economy;

  • strives to acquire the required level of skills and to perfect their expertise through ongoing training;

  • supplements their specialist knowledge with complementary skills, to be able to tackle major problems and work in interdisciplinary groups;

  • is committed to the exchange of information and, where appropriate, to the joint search for solutions through dialogue with the public;

  • is committed to truth and honesty;

  • commits not to make promises to customers and partners that the Company is unable to keep;

  • refuses all corruption attempts;

  • respects equality between men and women and refuses all forms of discrimination, and psychological and sexual harassment.

In addition, the company and its employees fully subscribe to the Ethics in the Technical Field document  published by the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW).

Certification ISO 9001, 14001 and Ecoentreprise

The Company has been ISO 9001 certified since December 2011 and ISO 14001 since January 2016. These two certifications are the result of management's determination to continuously improve the services offered to the Company's customers and the working conditions offered to its employees.

The Company is also strongly committed to the well-being of its employees and the success of its customers' projects. It offers a healthy working environment, as well as stimulating projects. This day-to-day commitment can be measured by the EcoEntreprise Excellence certification (based on the ISO 26000 standard), which the Company has held since 2019 and which attests to very high-level performance in the fields of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The three certifications relate to the company's Management System, and more specifically to the measures implemented by the company to continuously improve its performance in line with the three pillars of sustainable development - the environmental, social, and economic pillars. The aim of the Management System is to ensure the long-term viability of the company, and to adapt to its changing needs. ISO 9001 focuses on quality, ISO 14001 on the environment, and ISO 26000, and consequently EcoEntreprise certification, on corporate social responsibility.

In these areas, the company's management is committed to:

  • apply and maintain a goal-oriented quality, environmental and social responsibility policy, recognized within the company and by third parties;

  • continuously train employees in defined internal procedures;

  • regularly communicate to all employees and subcontractors the importance of meeting internal, customer, regulatory and legal requirements;

  • put in place the necessary resources to ensure the proper functioning and continuous improvement of the company's Management System;

  • evaluate the application of the Company Management System and its relevance through quality reviews and feedback from employees and customers;

  • plan the quality actions to be implemented in order to apply, maintain, and continuously improve the Company's Management System.

The Company's Quality documentation includes various documents and procedures applicable to resource, acquisition, project, and documentation management, as well as occupational health and safety.

The Company Quality Manager is responsible for presenting and distributing these documents and procedures to all new employees. They are also responsible for informing all employees of any changes or updates.

Each employee is responsible for the strict day-to-day application of these procedures, and for complying with the Company's certification requirements.