Welcome to the future of passenger transport

A new underground transport system, similar to a train without wheels or a plane without wings, able to carry passengers in a perfect safety at over 500 km/h ? That's what Swissmetro is proposing. Follow us in this adventure and discover why, with Swissmetro, the future is now.

The idea of Swissmetro was born in Switzerland in order to overcome the saturation on road and railway networks. Indeed, because of the country's mountainous nature, high population density and restrictive environmental protection laws, it seems very difficult nowadays to create new surface communication networks. thus, adopting an underground solution is the only possible option.


The Transport System

Swissmetro / Eurometro

The spectacular increase in goods and passenger traffic over the last few decades is leading, in industralised countries, to the saturation of existing communication routes and transport systems. This too often results in a noticeable decline in the quality of services and an increase in noise and pollution.

Considerable medium-term investment thus becomes necessary to improve the range of transport facilities available and their quality. This investment will permit the optimisation of existing transport systems and development of new products, as in the case of the Swissmetro (or Eurometro) project.

Swissmetro/Eurometro is a revolutionary project, today considered one of the most innovative solution in the passenger transport sector for the 21st century. Entirely underground, similar to a train without wheels and a plane without wings, it will be capable of transporting passengers at over 500 km/h in total safety.

By skifully combining advanced technologies, this project aims to optimise a high-speed transport system which is modern, respects the environment, offers development potential and fully complies with sustainable development criteria.

Swissmetro/Eurometro vehicle in a station with its rotary barrel system